Traffic regulation orders: FAQs

TROs and maps

Some councils make TROs by reference to maps and plans. The text of some of these TROs are in the library. However, some maps or plans are not available. You will need to contact the council for the map for the location that interests you. The council should provide the TRO map in their appeal evidence.

What are the TROs in our library used for?

Penalties are mostly issued for not obeying a restriction created by a TRO – known as a ‘contravention’. Traffic signs inform the motorist of TRO restrictions and conditions. When you appeal a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), the council will give the TRO’s online library reference or include a copy of the relevant sections in their evidence.

Who is our online library for?


How to use our online library

You can search by the TRO’s year and title but not by content. You cannot search for a particular street. Some locations are in the TRO’s title and will come up in a search. Only the council can tell you which TRO applies to a particular location.

When using the TRO library, remember:

  • TROs are drafted by councils not us – we are not responsible for what TROs say
  • if you have any questions about a TRO you should ask the council
  • the council do not have to put their TROs in our library
  • the library may not have an up-to-date set of a council’s TROs because they are made and revised regularly
  • a TRO may include rules that no longer apply to particular locations or may change an earlier TRO. So it may be complicated for you to connect different TROs.

Search the traffic regulation order online library: