The Appeals Process – Littering from Vehicles

Littering from vehicles Penalty Notices (PNs)

Littering from vehicle penalties are between £65 and £150. Some authorities may accept a reduced amount of not less than £50.00 if they receive payment within 14 days.

Littering from vehicles PNs are usually sent through the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Below you can find out how you can appeal a PN issued for littering from vehicles by a council in England (outside London).


A PN must be served before the end of the period of 35 days beginning with the date of the alleged offence.

To challenge this PN contact the authority as soon as possible – read the notice for details. Quote the PN number and say why you believe you should not pay. The authority will decide whether or not to cancel the PN.

Notice of Rejection of Representations

The council will consider your formal representations. If they agree with you, they will cancel the PN and you pay nothing. If they don’t, they will send the owner a Notice of Rejection (NoR) and tell you how to appeal to the independent adjudicator.

Appeal to the adjudicator

At this stage you should either pay the penalty or appeal to the independent adjudicator. You have 28 days from when the NoR is delivered* to pay or appeal. But it is best to appeal as soon as you decide to, because if you delay beyond 28 days you may lose the right to have your case considered by the adjudicator. You can only appeal to the adjudicator once the council has issued an NoR.

View the grounds on which an adjudicator can cancel a PN

Ready to appeal

*Delivery is usually deemed to be 2 working days after the date on the notice.