Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Frequently asked questions

Here are a collection of questions frequently asked the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Some common questions

Q: Does it cost anything to appeal?

Q: What if I do not have all the evidence I need at this moment?

Q: What can I expect at the hearing?

Q: I have a disability - what arrangements can be made for me?

Q: If I win, am I able to claim costs?


The grounds on which costs may be awarded are few and such instances are rare. You may apply for and be awarded costs if an Adjudicator considers that the council has been "frivolous, vexatious or wholly unreasonable" in its conduct of the matter.

If awarded, costs relate only to reasonable expenses incurred in preparing the appeal. There is no element of compensation for inconvenience or distress, or to punish the council.

Q: If they win, are the council able to claim costs against me?

Q: What if I disagree with the Adjudicator's decision?

Q: I have received a parking ticket from a council in London/Scotland/issued by the Police or a private contractor. Can I appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal?

Q: I want information about the size and position of yellow lines, or about the issue of the PCN, or about the law that applies to parking.