Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Frequently asked questions

Here are a collection of questions frequently asked the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Some common questions

Q: Does it cost anything to appeal?

Q: What if I do not have all the evidence I need at this moment?

Q: What can I expect at the hearing?


The hearing will be fairly informal. The council may send a representative, although the Civil Enforcement Officer who issued the penalty will not normally attend the appeal. You may bring a witness and/or a friend if you wish.

You will not have to take an oath but if you deliberately tell the Adjudicator something that is not true, you could be prosecuted. At the end of the hearing, you will normally be informed of the decision there and then, although occasionally the Adjudicator may have to adjourn the case to another day. The Adjudicator's full reasons and decision will be confirmed by post afterwards.

Q: I have a disability - what arrangements can be made for me?

Q: If I win, am I able to claim costs?

Q: If they win, are the council able to claim costs against me?

Q: What if I disagree with the Adjudicator's decision?

Q: I have received a parking ticket from a council in London/Scotland/issued by the Police or a private contractor. Can I appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal?

Q: I want information about the size and position of yellow lines, or about the issue of the PCN, or about the law that applies to parking.