Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Appealing to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal about a parking PCN issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) after 30 March 2008

When can an appeal be made?

A person does not have the right to appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal unless they can answer "yes" to each of these four questions:

  • Has a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) served* a parking ticket called a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) on behalf of a council that enforces parking under the Traffic Management Act 2004?
  • Has the council sent a Notice to Owner to the person it believes to be the owner of the vehicle?
  • Has the Notice to Owner been challenged in writing with formal representations to the council?
  • Has the person wishing to appeal received a letter from the council saying that the challenge has been rejected (Notice of Rejection of Representations)?
* Or, if service is disputed, does the council believe the PCN was served?

Further Information

The law sets out formal grounds - or reasons - for making an appeal against Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).

The Grounds for Appeal