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Glossary W

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Warrant of Execution

Authority issued by the county court to enforce an unpaid debt, following registration at the TEC. Warrants must be in the possession of a certificated bailiff when attempts are made to recover the debt. (The procedure is different in Scotland ).

Witness Statement

Signed written document completed by a third party to attest to the facts surrounding the parking of a vehicle, which can be used by a motorist in support of their challenge of or appeal against a PCN/NTO.

A Witness Statement is also a legal statement from a motorist in response to a county court Order for Recovery to the effect that an earlier stage in the enforcement process had not been complied with. A valid Statutory Declaration cancels any charge certificate and the associated 50% increase in the penalty charge and causes enforcement to revert to the Notice to Owner or appeal stage. It is a criminal offence to make a false Witness Statement.

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