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Special Parking Area (SPA)

An area approved by the Secretary of State for Transport within which the enforcement of most parking controls has been decriminalised and where enforcement may therefore be undertaken by the council.

Statement of Liability

Part of the agreement signed by the hirer of a vehicle accepting that the hirer accepts liability, as if he were the owner, in respect of Penalty Charge Notices issued to the vehicle during the hire period. A hire agreement must contain the particulars required by the Road Traffic (Owner Liability) Regulations 2000 to enable the hire company to transfer liability in this fashion.

Statutory Declaration

A legal statement from a motorist in response to an Order for Recovery to the effect that an earlier stage in the enforcement process had not been complied with. A valid statutory declaration cancels the Charge Certificate and the associated 50% increase in the penalty charge and causes enforcement to revert to the NTO or appeal stage. It is a criminal offence to knowingly and wilfully make a false Statutory Declaration.

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