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Fluttering tickets

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The positioning of a pay-and-display ticket in a parked vehicle gives rise to numerous PCNs against which the recipient appeals. There have been a number of interesting cases.

A ticket displayed on the dash rather than the windscreen (NW05011)
The appellant, issued with a PCN for failing to display a valid pay-and-display ticket in a car park, appealed on the ground that their ticket had been displayed and that the Parking Attendant could have seen it if they had inspected the dash as well as the windows. The Adjudicator pointed out that, although the bylaw required a ticket to be "attached" to the windscreen, the tickets issued from the machine were not adhesive and could not be "attached" but had to be displayed on the dash. He further noted that, while the drafting of the bylaw referred exclusively to tickets being "paid for" by placing coins into a machine, signs in the car park indicated that parking was in fact free for the first two hours. The Adjudicator ruled that, as a result, the appellant's "apparent" failure to display a ticket for a period of free parking did not mean that a contravention had occurred.
The appeal was allowed.