Traffic Penalty Tribunal

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Appeal outcomes: Allowed or dismissed

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Further example cases including Adjudicator's Decisions can also be found under the Downloads Section or via this link Downloads.

In this section, you will find a number of examples of Adjudicators' decisions in appeals. They are intended to provide an idea of the kinds of appeals that have been allowed (succeeded) and those that have been dismissed (not succeeded) - and on what grounds - and to help you decide whether or not to appeal.

The decisions are given here in their factual outline; they are not intended to indicate whether or not an appeal will or will not succeed. An independent Adjudicator considers every appeal in its specific circumstances and carefully weighs both appellant and respondent evidence - and applies their expertise in the relevant law - in arriving at a decision. In some of the following examples, they clarify legal points.

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is an independent body judging the liability of appellants to pay a penalty charge imposed by a council in the civil-enforcement scheme. It cannot advise either appellants or respondents as to the likely outcome of an appeal.

The appeal outcomes are grouped by broad area of parking regulation. Select from the following list of options the one that most closely matches the area of parking regulation for which your PCN was issued and against which you are considering an appeal.