Traffic Penalty Tribunal

I Want To Appeal

An appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal is the final stage in the process of challenging a penalty. It is not a continuation of previous correspondence with a council, but a new process.

An appeal involves two parties. The person who makes the appeal is called the appellant.  The appellant may be an individual, firm, company or organisation. The council that issued the penalty is called the respondent.

An appeal is made against a council's decision to reject an appellant's challenge (formal representations) against the penalty. The appellant is usually the person whom the council believes to be the owner of the vehicle.

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is a judicial body. It is independent of the council that issued the penalty. The parties offer evidence for the Adjudicator to consider. The Tribunal does not investigate the matter on its own account. Before the appeal is considered, the appellant will be in contact with the Tribunal's administrative staff.

The appeal is decided by an Adjudicator, who decides the appeal after considering the applicable law and the evidence presented by both parties.