Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Important note

Before an appeal can be made, it is essential to have been through all the preliminary stages of challenge directly with the penalty-issuing authority.

For information about the complete parking and bus lane enforcement process, go to the councils' information website at

Telephone Hearings

Telephone hearings receive extremely positive feedback from both parties.
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Welcome to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal decides appeals against parking and bus lane penalties issued by Civil Enforcement Authorities in England (outside London) and Wales and against moving traffic penalties issued by Civil Enforcement Authorities in Wales.

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is the final stage of appeal for motorists or vehicle owners against a penalty issued by a council in England (outside London) and Wales.

Find out when and how to appeal to the Tribunal against what may be considered an incorrectly issued parking or bus lane Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

The website is designed to inform motorists and vehicle owners about: The Right to Appeal, Grounds of Appeal, and The Appeal Process.